top 100 movies (I finally did it!!)

The best I could do was put them into groups of 10... they are not exactly ranked in those groups.

top 10
the last movie
the royal tenenbaums
easy rider
marie Antoinette
the godfather parts 1+2
pierrot le fou
jules et jim
y tu mama tambien
lost in translation
the virgin suicides

Hiroshima mon amour
five easy pieces
raging bull
apocalypse now
gone with the wind
bonnie and clyde
rebel without a cause

a royal affair
I’m not there
love songs
my own private Idaho
mrs. doubtfire
belle du jour
loves of a blonde

the hunt
the last picture show
the last mistress
the polish bride
the servant
boogie nights
blue is the warmest color

a nous amours
garden state
mean streets
taxi driver
empire records
ten things I hate about you
the sandlot
old school
the shining
romeo and Juliet (1996)

the aviator
beautiful girls
pride and prejudice
the dreamers
forgetting sarah marshall
dog day afternoon
kill bill vol. 2
the outsiders
mademoiselle chambon

dazed and confused
American hustle
frances ha
the devil wears prada
the town
dans paris
gimme shelter
the science of sleep

mean girls
the departed
field of dreams
blue jasmine
groundhog day
obvious child
to die for
walk the line

auntie mame
inglourious basterds
the wizard of oz
anna Karenina
the best of youth
viaggio sola
the salvation
night of the living dead
the breakfast club

Edward scissorhands
water lilies
chasing amy
interview with a vampire
reality bites
almost famous
the birds

2 days in paris


100 Day Challenge: Walks with Julian: Days 94-100*

September 7: Day 94: We walked across Flushing Meadows again to see Roger Federer play John Isner in the night match, and it was worth every moment. Technically the family walk back through the park could count for day 95, as it happened after 12:00 Midnight.

September 8: Day 95: I went back to start the semester today, and when I carried Julian into the house, we walked across the street with our arms around each other. There is no better moment!

September 9: Day 96: We walked to Starbucks and learned that in 2 weeks we will be able to place orders online before entering the store. This could either be a huge amazing awesome development or a recipe for disaster.

September 10: Day 97: Julian and I walked to our car from his cousins' house when I picked him up after work. When Judy gave him to me he was sleeping, and I tried to keep him sleeping, but he was so excited when he saw me that he woke up momentarily. On the way home, he fell asleep.

September 11: Day 98: We talked to so many different neighbors during our evening walk: the guy who walks his bull dog without a leash, the owner of the house with the 4 gatos, our next door neighbors who got to see the Women's Final at the US Open, and a family of a lot of kids with a tiny little boy who's walking already. Julian will be walking soon!

September 12: Day 99: We went to Starbucks in the morning, thankfully, because it rained later on. On the way back, Julian was talking to himself, and singing out loud.

September 13: Day 100: Today we saw Nika at Starbucks, and Julian was really happy about it. It's starting to get breezy and chilly in the mornings, and the humidity is starting to dissipate. As fall weather begins to set in, I remember all the sweaty, hazy days of walking during this challenge, and I wouldn't take them back for anything in the world. I hope Julian loves summer as much as his momma!

*I will be making up all sick days and rain delays, but I won't be writing about them here. Thanks for reading! It was a great experience to document these walks with my son, and I really hope he will read them and enjoy them one day. I hope he doesn't regret all the trips to caffeinate his mom, and I hope we will drink lots and lots of iced coffees together! Love him.


100 Day Challenge: Walks with Julian: Days 85-93

August 29: Day 85: EG, Big Paw, Mommy, and Jules went to the US Open for the Kids' Day. We were amazed by how people had so little concern or respect for a baby in a stroller. Julian tried his new teal umbrella stroller from EG, and the poor guy fell asleep with a cranked neck, but he also had valuable shady nap time with Big Paw.

August 30: Day 86: We all went back to the US Open, but this time we went with the Bjorn. By the end of the day (after seeing Rafa practice) my shoulders were ready to break off my body. But we got our steps-- almost 11, 000 this day!

August 31: Day 87: We walked from the other end of Flushing Meadows (the soccer side) to the "hemisphere," as Miguel calls it. Thankfully this time Miguel took the Bjorn. When we got to Ashe I was once again shocked by how little regard people have for babies, especially while trying to make it up the steep, tiny steps of the stadium to the seats. It didn't matter in the end, though, and we all enjoyed watching Rafa's first night match.

September 1: Day 88: Starbucks run as a family. I think my baristas thought I was a single mom until this week when they saw Miguel twice.

September 2: Day 89: We went the whole way to the US Open for the 4th time to see Federer practice. Julian made friends with a Mexican couple sitting next to us and was clapping for the players practicing. Now when we watch the tournament on TV, Julian claps. It's really cute. He's a very intelligent baby! :)

September 3: Day 90: We took a morning walk to Starbucks (where else?) and instead of playing with his green ball, Julian wanted to hold his yellow maraca.

September 4: Day 91: We walked to pick up Miguel at the train station, and whenever he comes up from the stairs, Julian's whole face lights up! Daddy time.

September 5: Day 92: Yesterday on our walk, I got a mosquito bite on my forehead, so that's pretty cool. I'll meet my students with a rhino's horn next week. One thing I am thankful for is that Julian seems to be immune to mosquitos like his father.

September 6: Day 93: This morning we went to Walgreens to get birthday gifts for our neighbors who are having a birthday party today. One of the boys is 10 and one is 13. I was looking at a bunch of toys and cards, and I was thinking about what kinds of stuff Julian is going to be into when he is an adolescent. Will he like Star Wars? Pokemon? Trading cards? Markers? I can't wait to see what unfolds.


100 Day Challenge: Walks with Julian: Days 76-84

August 20: Day 76: Standard Starbucks walk, and I have to say I didn't write anything down so I am totally lost if anything out of the ordinary happened this day.

August 21: Day 77: Auntie Big Head arrived, and we were house bound because our new electric oven was delivered. Miguel got home and we all went to Forest Hills for dinner with Shortie. I hate crossing Queens Blvd. with Julian because it's known as "The Blvd. of Death," so I body-blocked Jules while Miguel held him. Cars get pretty damn close, but apparently DeBlasio is going to re-do the whole road with bike lanes, etc. We'll see.

August 22: Day 78: Bate and I took Julian to Brooklyn, and when we noticed that Brooklyn Label was closed (temporarily, I hope!) we went to LIC to meet Dan. We walked around down by the river and ended up at Rockaway Brewery. I liked their beach blonde beer and the original. Everything else was not my taste! Julian made this party of bro-girls fall totally in love with him, and they were flirting with him the whole time. When we went home, Dan texted me that he went back to do the brew tour and everyone was asking him where the baby was!

August 23: Day 79: Bate left early, so Jules and I got coffee alone. It was really hot and sunny, and I noticed that he knows how to move him head into the shadow of his stroller umbrella now. He's growing up so fast and getting so smart! Love him.

August 24: Day 80: I had to go to work to read essays, so I took Jules on a walk before that. Then in the evening, Daddy and J met me in the city and we walked into Central Park to have a picnic with Frances and Carlos. Julian looked almost shellshocked to be outside among all the tall buildings when we were walking back to the car. He's used to his home borough.

August 25: Day 81: Miguel and I went to the mall, and once again Julian charmed everyone in sight.  While I was trying on clothes, I could hear him singing in Club Monaco.

August 26: Day 82: We saw a surprise friend when we got coffee- Nika. She transferred to another Starbucks, but she was very happy to see Julian. Poor little guy! He misses her.

August 27: Day 83: We went outside last night to pick up Daddy from the train, but he got stuck on a local E train, so we had to end our walk before we got our goal! Julian really enjoys being outside after spending most of the day indoors. He calms down and gets really thoughtful. I wonder what he is thinking!

August 28: Day 84: This morning it's very SUNNY. I tried to get Julian to wear his sun glasses on our walk, but he would rather chew on them than wear them.


100 Day Challenge: Walks with Julian: Days 67-75

Day 67: August 11: Miguel and I went to Root's with Julian, Dan, Sarah, and Karen. Dan actually held Julian in the Bjorn, and we traversed between all the different stands and stalls that sell things like Amish knick knacks, whoopie pies, fresh corn, and a motley assortment of other foodstuff. Miguel and I ended up buying a lot of stuff: blackberry preserves, a printer by Emma Wenger (who we met), a rocking chair that I am obsessed with, shiitake mushrooms, fresh roasted peanuts, whoopies, Wampler's clover honey, and fresh celery.

Dan and Julian were sweating up a storm in the outdoor section, so after an hour we moved the party to Target where Julian sat in a cart for the very first time. I have to say that Target has a great idea in that they provide cart wipes at the store entrance. I wish all stores did this!

Day 68: August 12: Sarah came to NYC with us, and we ventured out to Jones Beach on the first day. During our beautiful, sunny day, we ventured with Julian down to the water, and I let his toes touch the water, which is still a little chilly. He was not a fan, but he did like putting his feet and fists in the sand.

Day 69: August 13: Sarah joined us for shopping at the mall, and we went to Club Monaco and made a killing. We were surprised to find Urban Outfitters closed at this location. Julian was talking the entire time we tried on clothes, and he made the store clerks smile with his breathless old man sound.

Day 70: August 14: We took Jules down to 14th Street. I carried him in the Bjorn for the first part of the trip, and then Sarah carried him on the way home from our lunch at Otto. This was the first time Julian sat in a high chair at a restaurant, and he really enjoyed it. He also tried bread for the first time, and he did not enjoy that it stuck to the roof of his mouth!

Day 71: August 15: We took Julian to Flushing Meadows at night, and I pushed the stroller. We made it all the way to the Queens Night Market in Corona, but the best part of the night by far was when Julian got to see the fountain at the Globe. He really was mesmerized by the water and the sunlight streaking through the different upwards streams of water. I always feel proud of Queens when I go to the park and see all the different people who live in our part of the city making the most of this public space.

Day 72: August 16: Our oven was on the fritz, and the smell of gas forced us into the street in the middle of a 95 degree day. I was scared and alone because Miguel was at work. I tried my very best to keep Julian covered with the shade of his stroller, but I wished then, more than ever, that everyone between our family and D's family was good. It's sad and regrettable, but Miguel and I never wanted it to be this way: separate.

The good news is that our new oven will arrive soon, and Julian was okay. He's my #1 priority.

Day 73: August 17: We met Rebecca in Brooklyn for breakfast and afterward went to enjoy the luxury resort center of the universe that is Coney Island.Julian liked the ocean here better because for unknown (or unthinkable) reasons the water is warmer. He walked in the sand (while I held onto him) and put his toes in a tiny makeshift pool.

Miguel held him while Rebecca and I went on the swings-- much more aggressive than I remember them being-- though Luna Park classifies this ride as having a "moderate thrill."

Day 74: August 18: We walked to Starbucks in the morning, and Julian played with his green ball from EG. The guys at Sbux can't believe how big he's getting and how vocal he has become.

Day 75: August 19: Today we went to Starbucks and another person commented that Julian is "chill." He really is the chillest baby I ever met!

We also journeyed to LIC to meet Megan and Michele, and Julian slept almost all of both ways. On the subway on the way home during a subway dance performance (which fazed Jules ZERO) we met an older man who said, "God bless you and your baby." How sweet.


100 Day Challenge: Walks with Julian: Days 59-66

Day 59: August 3: When Daddy went on a run, Julian and I walked in the stroller around the neighborhood. We saw the four cats who live beside the school, and we saw water all over the street on the corner. There was a paper on the gate of the nearest house that said the water main broke; when we got home, we had no water!

Day 60: August 4: After work, Julian and I were walking around and bouncing. He loves when I throw him up in the air and catch him.

Day 61: August 5: We walked to Starbucks in the morning in the Baby Bjorn to practice for the upcoming trip to Columbia. This kid is probably 20 lbs by now and I need physical training to keep carrying him for a sustained amount of time.

Day 62: August 6: Julian came with me to work! He met people from all over the world, and in my first class the girls fought over who would get to hold him the most. He fell in love with Benny because she held him in her arms all the way

Day 63: August 7: We picked up Miguel from the train after work, and Julian was singing in the stroller the whole way there. Now when we see Miguel, Julian always kicks his legs excitedly and gets really excited. It's so cute to see him recognizing his parents.

Day 64: August 8: We went to Starbucks, and we found out that Julian's favorite barista moved to another store. I made the big mistake of getting a Treinta iced coffee this day and couldn't sleep all night. Lesson learned.

Day 65: August 9: In the evening I took Jules on the LIRR to meet Miguel in the city so we could leave NYC. Julian loves to watch and hear the trains running past the platform. His new thing when we walk is to hold my hand.

Day 66: August 10: Yesterday we didn't do much actual walking, but we did take Julian outside of Megan's house. He enjoyed feeling the cool breeze (no swimming, as planned!) as we walked in the front of the yard.


100 Day Challenge: Walks with Julian: Days 52-58

Day 52: July 27: After work, I took Julian on a walk while Miguel ran. We saw our next-door neighbors, and Arielle was celebrating Mexico's Copa de Oro win with her Mexico hat. We also ran into Javier with N. It was nice that Julian got to see his cousin, if only for a second.

Day 53: July 28: The boys picked me up from work at the LIRR, and we went to Trade Fair to get a few things. Julian was entranced by the lights and colors in the store. He was looking all around and trying to grab some packages of cookies off the shelf. Sweet tooth?

Day 54: July 29: This was a super-hot day, so I took him to Starbucks in the stroller to shield his little tiny body from the hot sun. After that, we stayed inside until the heat of the day partially subsided, and on our second walk we ran into two unleashed dogs. Whenever I see unleashed dogs, I mentally urge them to attack me so I can sue their owner's ass. Judge Judy, here we come! We also saw our packages thrown over the gate to our house by the new post man; cool. He's already busted a gallon of Tide over a box of Kind bars.

Day 55: July 30: Rain Delay

Day 56: July 31: We met Miguel at the train after work and walked around together. When Julian sees Miguel coming home, he always smiles and kicks his legs in anticipation. #daddysboy

Day 57: August 1: Yesterday morning we met our neighbor baby Joya on the way to get coffee. She's got so much hair! She's one month old already, and I really hope as they get a little older, she and Julian will become friends. As we walked, Julian's mission became to get his sandals off his foot and into his mouth. He was biting his feet at Starbucks and attracted the attention of the woman in front of us who said she loves to see babies chewing on their own toes. It's so cute!

Day 58: August 2: On his 8 month old bday, we walked in the hot sun to our favorite location, and Julian made friends with an FDNY lady who said sometimes she wants a second baby and sometimes she doesn't; it depends on the day. Julian was really sweet, singing in Starbucks, and the baristas were impressed.

When we got home we had to take a BDAY selfie. Soon, he'll be too big for the Baby Bjorn.